Receive powerful and Uplifting Healing regardless of where you live in the world.

"I had a wonderful distance healing session with Hayley. I have never received distance healing before, so I was unsure if I would "feel" anything. As soon as Hayley started I felt what can only be described as "energy" throughout my body. I felt heat in places, a sense of relaxation and warmth. I started to see images and colours. It was such a lovely experience. During the phone call afterwards Hayley discussed things, her intuition was spot on. She had picked up, and did a lot of work around my chest / glands.. I have been quite poorly recently with a chest infection and asthma Definitely recommend Hayley and the Atlantean Healing was great!"  Kristy

The Procedure:
1) At a mutually convenient time (that works for both our time-zones) I'll ask you to be resting comfortably at home.
2) At the agreed time, I will set the intention to tune into you and apply the healing, which means I visualise you and 'send' you the healing. 
3) After the healing is complete, I will call you either over the telephone or over Skype.
4) During our call we will chat about how you felt during the healing session and I will relay any of the psychic insights and guidance that I experienced during the session.    The information is always relayed to you in a sensitive way, and is always to help you move forwards through your current situation with the most grace and ease.   I use the same 'sixth senses'  that a Medium would use, however I use my gifts to focus on your healing and wellbeing.  Any specific actions or guidance will also be emailed over to you after the session. 

"I was introduced to Hayley's healing to try and alleviate my anxiety and the emotional and physical turmoil it was causing. She had an immediate connection and understanding of the problems I was going through and many times during our distance healing was able to identify specific areas of pain and created a profound feeling of content and ease. I am so grateful to Hayley for her help to smooth and guide over difficult waters, her kindness and healing gift helped me towards a path of mindfulness and positivity". Emerald

The science bit...
Quantum Physics is now providing more and more evidence on the power of energy healing. Without getting bogged down in the detail, we are all connected through the Zero Point Field and as everything in the Universe is Energy, and WE are Energy, everything is therefore powerfully connected. Time and space does not truly exist at a quantum level, therefore healing via distance at energetic levels is not limited either. 

To read further about the science behind distant healing, you can view the following articles:
Huffington Post Article discussing Scientist Bruce Lipton's take on Healing.
The Science behind Distant Healing.  The Reiki times Vol. 13 Autumn Issue, 2009
"I consider Hayley Felton to be a caring and conscientious healer. As well as hands on healing, Hayley has the ability to heal remotely, ie absent healing. I was impressed that whilst receiving healing from Hayley for an emotional issue, she was drawn to give healing to my knees, which have been painful due to joint problems".  Angela

Or take a look at my transformational  programmes which also include more in depth healing sessions, Soul Transformation Therapy sessions and deeper Soul Work:  Align to Love,  Align to Joy or Align to Soul

Alternatively, I can create a completely tailored healing programme dependent on your needs which could incorporate a combination of healing modalities including Soul Transformation Therapy (also known as Core Issue Therapy), Atlantean Healing, and Spiritual Life Coaching.

"I can highly reccommend Hayley's healing. She picked up on where I needed healing most, but what I didn't expect was her to pick up on my feelings, emotions, hopes and dreams. It was absolutely remarkable, she was spot on! Hayley truly has a gift." Mel
For more info about Distant Healing sessions and how I could help you, book in for your no obligation discovery call or get in touch here.

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