Align to Soul  

When you wonder what you are really meant to be doing with your life. Or feel that you’ve reached a crossroads and have no idea what to do next.
Or even feel totally anxious and uncertain and wonder what the future holds for you, the Align to Soul Programme is perfect to help you heal and get back into alignment again.

Align to Soul Programme 
The Align to Soul Programme is a powerful and insightful one month programme, where we work together to help you discover your true life purpose through your Soul Plan.
The process of having your Soul Plan revealed is illuminating, you learn a lot about yourself and it could reveal a potential new career direction or help you understand and gain clarity on the powerful lessons behind the areas where you have experienced suffering or challenges in your life.   Your Soul Plan is the energetic compass of your soul and is calculated from the vibration of your birth name.  Each plan provides a unique and powerful accurate system of life purpose analysis and guidance which is derived from quantum physics and ancient Hebrew numerology.
Uplifting Healing Sessions 
In addition to us working with your Soul Plan, as part of the Align to Soul programme you will also receive three individual healing sessions with me. Whereby I’ll  help you heal and will share my intuitive guidance to support you in overcoming challenges and to fully reach your own authentic life goals.
Step fully into the magnificence of being you, start truly living your life on purpose #livelifeonpurpose  
The Align to Soul programme will empower you to live a powerful life full of meaning, joy and direction. And help you get back into alignment with your true essence and soul purpose.

Working together you will:
  • Reconnect with your true soul essence
  • Understand what makes you the way you are and why you face certain life challenges
  • Get reassurance and clarity around your life challenges and repetitive patterns
  • Make peace with your past and be able to move forwards with more ease and grace
  • Experience a sense of wellbeing and release and let go of troubles and anxieties
  • Know and trust yourself to decide the ideal path forward
  • Find greater confidence and clarity in making decisions and taking action 
The Align to Soul programme includes your Soul Plan Reading, three healing sessions and one follow up call and takes place in Central London, Upminster or online via Skype.

Ready to step fully into the magnificence of being you and start truly living your life on purpose?
Get in touch to find out more and book onto the Align to Soul Programme. 
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