About me

Hi, I’m Hayley…  I’m a Healer, Artist and Soulpreneur.  
My work is to empower you to become aligned with your Soul and Life Purpose so you are living life with more clarity, meaning and joy. I am passionate about helping you get more of what you want in your life. As we are not here by accident, each of our lives are intended to be powerful healing journeys and absolute gifts.

But sometimes we feel off course. Like we’re not on the right path. We may wonder what our lives are really all about. We’re searching for meaning and answers as to why we repeatedly find ourselves facing similar challenges over and over again. Or we want to get to know and understand ourselves on a deeper spiritual level.
This is where your Soul Plan is enlightening and holds the knowledge to help you uncover and learn about your true soul life purpose. And with this guidance you start to see the miracles of your life, discover your own magnificence and begin to live life on purpose and full of joy.

Before I became aligned to my own Soul’s Plan, I found myself working as a Personal Assistant, Wine Taster, Match-Maker and Internet TV Presenter. And there were plenty more other jobs, in fact too many to mention before I found my true calling.

Through my own Soul Plan, I have been able to clearly understand how my own challenges; including experiencing deep fears and anxieties and thinking something was wrong with me, were in fact the essential catalysts that propelled me to seek answers and solutions and step onto a healing path to help myself and others.

My own Soul Plan also clearly illustrates my artistic, healing and spiritual gifts including clairvoyance, claircognisance and clairsentience (extra sensory perceptions of sight, thought and feeling) as well as my ability to really see the potential and true beauty within others. 

The knowledge from my Soul Plan has given me the confidence and clarity to know I am pursuing a truly meaningful career; I have the luxury of knowing I am headed in the right direction and that connecting others through the unity of joy sits at the core essence of my Soul.

I have a Psychology degree bsc (hons) from Goldsmith’s University, graduated as an Advanced Soul Plan Practitioner, Core Issue Practitioner and Spiritual Life Coach from the Holistic Healing College and have trained as an Atlantean Healing Practitioner with renowned Spiritual Teacher Bikran Tore.

I am committed to my own life purpose and approach my work from a spiritual perspective.  I love understanding how spiritual principles are congruent with science and quantum physics.

Alongside my healing work, I am an Artist and love to paint, specialising in figurative work (people). Through my artwork it is my intention to bring us closer to unity, to illustrate the common threads that bind us and for me to capture the magnificence of the human spirit. You will see my artwork throughout the pages of this site and if you’d like to find out more take a look at the Art Gallery.

I love working with people who are open-minded and open to change, from all walks of life and professions. I am especially
drawn to people who are compassionate, have ambition, passion for life and a sense of fun; not living each day by default.

When I have spare time I enjoy taking acting classes, I love all animals, my cat, Edgar has his own Twitter account! #lrdedgarwallace… (that’s another story, but do go and follow him too).
If you’d like to start living your life on purpose I’d love to help you.  
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