My work is to empower you to become aligned with your Soul and Life Purpose so you are living life with more clarity, meaning and joy. I am passionate about helping you get more of what you want in your life. Whether you decide to find out about your life purpose through your Soul Plan reading,  experience improved wellbeing through a series of healing and intuitive guidance sessions or want to welcome more love or joy into your life through the transfomational 'Align to...' programmes, you can be assured that I will see your full potential, always.

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Soul Plan 
Soul Plan is the energetic compass of your Soul; a highly accurate and healing system which reveals your Life purpose. You’ll find the real you and will receive direction, assurance and clarity.

I predominantly use Atlantean Healing; a powerful form of angelic energy healing; balancing the body’s energy chakra centres. Any intuitive channelled messages/guidance will also be discussed to support your wellbeing.

Align to Love
Align to Love is a transformational healing programme to help you prepare for love, get into alignment with your Soul's purpose and your true heart’s desires, so you are ready to meet your soul mate.
(4 month programme)

Align to Joy 
Align to Joy will give you the keys to unlock your gifts and the beautiful treasure held within you.
A pathway to personal transformation that also helps you trust your own intuitive wisdom and gives you clarity about your life and soul purpose.
(4 month programme)

Align to Soul  
Align to Soul will empower you to live a powerful life full of meaning, joy and direction. And help you get back into alignment with your true essence and soul purpose.
 (6 week programme)



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