Water has the Answer

Water has the ability to awaken our subconscious memories and holds the key to us understanding the relationship between humanity and the Cosmos.

Let’s face it.  Without water we would not exist.  It’s essential to our survival.  Our human bodies contain just over 60% water and 72% of the Earth is covered in water.   Water is fundamental to life itself.

That in itself is pretty incredible right? However, what’s arguably even more remarkable is that this vital, life-giving substance also has it’s own intelligence and memory.

Masaru Emoto was a graduate of Yokohama University’s Department of Humanities & Science. In 1992 he became a Doctor of Alternative Medicine & was a prolific Researcher, pioneer and Author.

The Late Dr Masaru Emoto used Magnetic Resonance Technology to uncover the hidden messages within water.  Dr Emoto named this Magnetic Resonance Technology ‘HADO’.  In Physics, the Japanese word HADO means “wave” or “move” or in other words “Vibration”.

Dr Emoto dedicated his life’s work to using HADO through a technique known as Frozen Crystal Water Photography which examines the effects of human consciousness on the molecular structure of water.

Dr Emoto’s work demonstrated time and time again that the molecular structure of water changes significantly; in that you could say it ‘becomes’ the true reflection or the essence of any stimulus it is presented with.

It has become apparent that “Water is a medium that receives and understands even the subtlest vibrations”  p66  Love Thyself, The Message from Water III, Emoto.

Frozen Water Crystal Technology Experiments
Water sample shown the word TRUTH produces a beautiful and symmetrical frozen water crystal
Water after being shown the word EVIL

Emoto’s countless experiments show that negative thoughts/ images/ things shown to water samples prevent water from crystalising. (See photo to the left) Conversely when water samples were ‘sent’ or shown positive image/ thoughts/ prayers/ words the water crystals produce beautiful intricate shapes and patterns. (see photo above, right).

On a surface level, water provides us a natural mirror to our external selves, and simultaneously, it’s molecular structure could be seen as reflecting our very Soul or essence.
Frozen water crystal image before a prayer ceremony in the Bahamas
Water Crystal Image after the prayer ceremony in the Bahamas.

You can clearly see from the images of the Frozen Water samples that prayer has a huge impact on the molecular structure of water. With the second photo illustrating a much more beautiful and uniform image.


Water and our Future

I fully believe that in the future, we will be able to harness the power and intelligence of water in ways which will help mankind live more sustainably and with more peace.

I foresee that these developments will also pave the way for natural water based technologies which will provide us with more clarity and understanding about the nature of life and our reality that ever before.

One of my closest friend’s Rodrigo Correa is the Managing Director of Exigo Solar.  His company is a pioneering Social Enterprise which provides eco-friendly and sustainable water purification and desalination solutions. Rodrigo is passionate about realising the potential of the biggest resource of our planet using natural, non-invasive solutions which ultimately protect rather than pollute.

The potential of water is immense, and excuse the pun, this research I feel has just only just touched the surface.

I sincerely hope that this article will provide you with some ‘food for thought’…

Love Thyself, by Masaru Emoto. “To Love yourself is to love and thank all of existence”

If anything, I hope that these extraordinary experiments have shown that the messages from water indicate that our words, thoughts and intentions DO have a significant impact on the world around us; and that living with more love and compassion really does create a ripple effect.

Dr Emoto’s book titled ‘Love Thyself’, The Message from Water III comes highly recommended and you can read more about Masaru Emoto’s incredibly pioneering work here

With love and light

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