The Gift of Gratitude from your own HEART…

“I think the heart is gratitude.  I think the heart is a feeling.  It is the Sanctuary for the deepest feelings that can be found within the human experience.  And I think among these feelings is the feeling of gratitude.  The feeling of being thankful, of being grateful, and of being so in love with life and with everything in life and even, dare I say it, in love with ourselves”

Neale Donald Walsch


Yesterday I attended a webinar about accessing Your Success Signature with the inspirational Rosemary Cunningham.  During the webinar, Rosemary reinforced my understanding that the heart is not just a (very vital) pump, but it also has it’s own intelligence and plays a much more complex role than traditional biology gives it credit for…

I’ll be writing another, more in depth article about the science behind the heart’s intelligence very soon…but in the meantime you might want to check out The Heart Math Instutite’s fascinating findings.

When we consciously connect with our heart and make decisions or take actions based on what we feel through our hearts, rather than out of reactions to anger, fear or obligations of what we think we should do the result is ALWAYS more beneficial for ourselves and others.

“A trust of life begins to be activated within us.  We realise we’re trusting the heart, we’re trusting our own soul, and it never leads us wrong.  The next step, we know it.  We feel it.  It’s right there.”  Michael Beckwith

When we take time to connect with our heart, the gifts to ourself and others is invaluable…

When we consciously connect with the wisdom within our hearts; we make better decisions, we experience more love, freedom, compassion, authenticity, alignment to our highest and wisest self and experience more fun, light-heartedness and joy.

A gift from your HEART…

Here is a HEART powered GRATITUDE Meditation filmed as a FACEBOOK LIVE which I intuitively created back in October last year (2016)….

So….give yourself a gift from your heart…sit back for 15 mins and enjoy feeling relaxed and empowered from the love, wisdom and gratitude of your own heart.

With love from



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Healing and your Perfect Journey

Do you sometimes feel like being a human is tough?!!

You said yes, right?…

Well, that’s no surprise because throughout the journey of life, us humans are likely to experience a myriad of emotions, thoughts, experiences ranging from the downright heart-wrenchingly awful to the heady heights of bliss as well as everything in between.

Sometimes it can seem as if we’re on an emotional roller coaster with no signs of relief or positive end in sight.

I believe that all of your experiences, no matter how tough, are integral to your own personal healing journey.  I firmly believe that your Soul intended for you to experience certain challenges in order for soul-level learning and deep healing to take place.

You are on your perfect healing journey right now.

In my own personal experience, it was, in fact the darkest times and experiences of my life that propelled me into seek out an authentic path filled with more healing and light.

Our darkest times are driven by the wisdom of our Soul to create healing at the most profound level.  Our greatest challenges can become our source of greatest strength.

Our Greatest CHALLENGES are really GIFTS in disguise…without challenge we would not need to access our INNER STRENGTH or reach a depth of experience to be able to offer WISDOM.

Healing can take many, many forms; a wound repairing itself and healing back to its original state, the soothing caress from a mother to her baby providing just the right amount of love and support, wise words spoken at exactly the right time, Laughter, love and in fact anything  which promotes a sense of restoration or well-being.

Last year  (2016) I attended a lecture by Professor Paul Dieppe from the Institute of Integrative Health.  He presented findings from a study which analysed 26 interviews with subjects who felt that they were healed of serious persistent medical and psychological problems.  Findings suggested that ‘healing appeared to be the re-emergence of a sense of integrity, and an ability to flourish and pursue meaningful goals and purpose’.

What is Energy Healing?

Meditation, Spiritual, Yoga, MeditatingIn the more traditional or esoteric sense of the word ‘healing’, there are many practitioners, including myself who are practicing Energy Healers;  through the manipulation of the client’s energy field;  we promote physical and emotional well-being.  

There are many types of energy healing, with the most widely known energy healing practice called Reiki.

At a very basic level, the fundamental difference between energy healing types is the vibrational rate or speed of the healing frequency.  If visible to the naked eye; different types of healing rays would also yield a different physical appearance and colour.

It’s all about the frequency, if you can imagine a radio; you could either choose to tune in to Reiki FM or for example the healing I work with, Atlantean Healing FM!

Vintage, Retro, Radio, An Antique

Each healing practice varies in it’s technique, application and school of thought  (there are many nuances between modalities or types).

In Atlantean healing for example,  it’s focus lies on primarily balancing the body’s spiritual energy centres or Chakras, which assists overall wellbeing (‘Chakra’ is simply the Sanskript word for wheel).

And here’s the Science bit

Quantum Physics is consistently providing evidence to support the nature and effects of energy healing.  Energy healing works because we live in a vibrational universe, everything we smell, hear, touch and see is vibrating at various rates.  We are the extension of source energy, and are connected with every living thing on the planet and indeed the Universe and beyond.

Extensive research has demonstrated time after time that the concept of healing can be proven through the laws of Quantum Mechanics (entanglement theory) as well as consciousness research and the concept of the non-local mind.

Mathematics, Formula, Physics, School

The Hawaii Experiment (Achterberg et al, 2005) looked at the impact of distant healing.  Selected subjects were positioned thousands of miles away in a brain scanner.  Healing intention was sent at ‘random’ intervals of two minute bursts.

The brain scan patterns changed significantly at the same time the healing intention was taking place, strongly suggesting the healing directly impacted brain activity in the subject.

Healing is a personal journey of self discovery, revealed one layer at a time.

Many people come to me for Atlantean Healing sessions because they have reached a crisis point in their lives physically and/ or emotionally, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Using healing as a tool for regular self-care is a perfect way to keep in balance and keep your energy levels in check.

If you are new to healing, or even a healing practitioner yourself, it is always best to go to a healing practitioner that you feel you resonate with or have a good connection with, always trust your instincts, as they are subtle messages from your Soul. 

There are many ways to practice self care and self healing, which I look forward to sharing with you in future blog articles.

Remember that you are experiencing your perfect healing journey right now.

With love from

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