The Power of Forgiveness

My healing work and life in general has taught me that forgiveness is often a concept that is greatly misunderstood.

As with all things in life,  acts of wrong-doing can be viewed upon a continuum ranging from a friend’s broken promise to causing the death of another.

Many view forgiveness as condoning a wrong-doing or often liken it to letting someone ‘off the hook’ who may have been the catalyst of great pain or suffering.

Surely that person deserves to be resented, hated even to fit the ‘crime’ so to speak, that’s only right isn’t it?

Imagine that these resentments actually form the bars of a cage around you…

Constraining and trapping you from living your best life…

Stopping you from appreciating the true beauty that is within you and around you.

Forgiveness is a mark of your STRENGTH not your weakness

I invite you to look at forgiveness from a new, perspective.

Forgiveness, even if taken in baby steps, can start to dissipate the bars of the cage, gradually allowing more light and beauty from outside to flood in and allowing your own sense of freedom and inner beauty to shine out into the world…

Forgiveness is a POWERFUL gift… When you forgive, you are deciding how you want to feel rather than allowing the actions of another to have a negative hold upon you…

Forgiveness means that you are powerfully deciding self empowerment versus being a victim…

Forgiveness can become your tonic, your strength, your Allie…

…your healing gift to move on.

We can forgive even in the midst of the worst abuse, we can use forgiveness to end the cycle of abuse “abuse begets abuse”, to let go of the need to punish, to be right and, so importantly, the need to keep suffering because of the past”  Pearl Howie

My good friend Pearl Howie is a Travel and Wellbeing Writer and eloquently expresses her own experiences of forgiveness within her guide ‘Camino de la Luna – Forgiveness’

Camino De La Luna is Spanish for ‘Path of the Moon’.

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Forgiveness”

  1. Beautiful reminder. It is easier to stay in pain by choosing not to forgive another. The anger and pain festers and I love how you state that forgiveness is not about letting another off the hook. More of an empowered choice that serves us. Thank you for your wisdom Hayley x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Melanie, most appreciated. Yes I think it’s important to reiterate that forgiveness is really about empowerment, freeing ourselves from within. x

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Kate. Yes I think we often feel there isn’t a choice, but in reality we do have the power to change our perceptions for own own benefit. x

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