Following My Soul’s calling…

What did you enjoy doing as a child?  What brought you joy?

As a child I loved creating things, painting and using my imagination…often  I used to pretend I was presenting children’s TV shows; ‘Blue Peter’ or ‘Why Don’t You’ usually…I’d have hours of fun making things for the ‘audience’ or I’d pretend I was on a cooking show and I’d make sure I had all the ingredients pre-measured and put in little bowls ‘like they did on TV’!..

And sometimes with the help of my friend Laura we would even film our ‘programmes’ with my Grandad Ernie’s video camera; which was a huge contraption, though looking back it was rather state of the art for the 80’s!

Your Soul is quietly guiding you each step of the way.

After studying Psychology at University, then taking various office jobs and not really knowing what on earth I wanted to do in my life,  in 2006 I stumbled across an advert on Gum Tree posted by Rinzai Media who were looking for presenters.

The next thing, I’d got the job (albeit an unpaid one) and I presented the Geek Chic section of ‘Tech Tips’, where I researched and reviewed the latest and greatest in Gadgets and Technology!

Since then (and in-between lots of different office jobs or creating and exhibiting  my art) I went on to present a variety of shows and events, predominantly providing coverage for The Muscle Help Foundation, a charity close to my heart.

I got to interview some amazing people, from the beneficiaries of The charity to the legendary ITV Broadcaster and Journalist Jon Snow.

Interviewing Jon Snow for a Charity Awareness Film for The Muscle Help Foundation

As much as I enjoyed this field of work, my confidence wavered at the thought of doing mainstream TV and I was searching for meaning and purpose to my life.


It wasn’t until I was going through a personal ‘love life crisis’ in 2011, that I sought the help of a Spiritual Counselor, which was the catalyst to me stepping onto my own healing spiritual journey.

When it comes to being single and dating I’ve literally been there, done it and bought the T-shirt…

Prior to that, back in 2008, I even took part in and won a Reality TV Series called ‘Around The World in 80 Dates’ where I travelled around the Med’, taking part in various dating challenges to try and meet the love of my life!…Everything I’ve learned,  I teach in my Align to Love Programme

When I came across the Soul Plan system in 2012, it was a revelation; I finally began to understand myself and my journey thus far;  I could clearly see how the energies held within in my own Soul’s Plan had helped shape my experiences and interests.

It is now clearly evident to me that part of my life’s work is to harness the 4-4 energy of my Spiritual Goals, to successfully share out spiritual principles to many people.

Part of my goals are to present and possibly co-produce mainstream TV show/s which focus on sharing spiritual truths and concepts backed up by scientific support.

Many of the ideas that I want to feature are being shared in this blog; you can find them in ‘The Alchemy of Spirit and Science’ category.


Above all,  I understand that my life-purpose is about living with joy;  and connecting others through the one-ness or unity of joy; this is the magnetic 7-7 energy of my Soul Destiny in action.

It is my desire that many more people now begin to understand the true power that is held within themselves.

What I’ve learned from my own spiritual work is that no life experience is ever wasted.    From each experience, whether judged by us as good, bad or ugly is an integral part of our journey on earth and each experience has led us up to the point of today.

I teach my clients that when we use our talents, we can more easily reach our goals to overcome challenges and ultimately step into our Quintessense, or the energies of our Soul Destiny.

When we do something that’s in alignment with our Soul Destiny, it’s like our soul lets out a gentle ‘sigh of relief’.

That’s when we feel the most life-satisfaction and contentment.

If you have a few minutes spare,  grab a cuppa, below is my old presenter showreel.

With love and light from

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