7 steps to ‘coming out’ of your Spiritual Closet…

Are you a closet Spiritual Guru?

Do you read spiritual books in secret? Perhaps you’re scared of sharing your ‘woo woo’ views with your partner or family for fear of ridicule or abandonment?  Have you been dreaming of incorporating spiritual principles into your career but are fearful of repercussions?

My spiritual work is now an absolute passion of mine and every appropriate opportunity that comes my way to speak out about what I feel is an intrinsic part of humanity is embraced.

Being interviewed on That’s Oxford TV with Emma-Jane Taylor

But it wasn’t always this way.  In the beginning of my own spiritual journey, I was very scared of being ridiculed, felt immense fear about what others thought of me and worried that people would think I had ‘lost the plot’ talking about Angels and energies that most people can’t see with the naked eye!!

It was a gradual process of revelation and I’m so proud that I stuck with it and didn’t give up or hide away from the truth of  following my true path and expressing the real me.

I want you to know that if you are currently in your Spiritual Closet and feel too ashamed, scared or ultra-vulnerable you are not alone, this is perfectly normal.

Many of us who are destined to practice spiritual work or share spiritual principles in this lifetime are experiencing or have experienced  varying degrees of fear;  much of this is carried through from  ‘past lifetimes’ where persecution of ‘witches’ who were simply women who would be now known as Herbalists or Holistic Therapists was commonplace.

I want you to know that there has never been a safer time in history to express the real you!

Since 2011 there has been a huge energetic shift within our planet; financial constructs, methodologies, thinking models, societal norms are being shaken to their core.. imagine a field has been ploughed, and in the process all of the gunk has come up out of the ground.  This preparation of the field has made way for the fresh new crops to begin springing into life again.    Energetically a path for growth and revelation has been sewed.

Large corporate companies now embrace the concept of meditation as being a standard tool for stress reduction and spiritual Teachers ranging from Wayne Dyer to Gabby Bernstein have become house-hold names. Just ten years ago this would have been unheard of.

Never has there been a time where spiritual practices and concepts have been so heavily investigated scientifically; with controlled experiments statistically suggesting that many spiritual concepts and hypotheses are not just a phenomenon but their results and effectiveness can be accurately measured and quantified.

If you are a closet Spiritual Guru here are 7 steps to ‘coming out’ with grace and ease:
  1. Know that no one really cares that much!  Yep, you read that right.   Most people are too caught up in their own world to really give too much of a damn about your spiritual views unless it directly affects them. Blunt but true!
  2. Self Care is paramount:  Before you ‘come out’ ensure that you are in an emotionally stable place.  Do whatever it takes for you to care for yourself; exercise, massage, healing, taking time out to process your feelings is essential.  If you feel that your feelings are being repressed; write your thoughts and feelings down.  You’ll feel so much lighter.
  3. Join like-minded Communities:  There is no need to live with your ‘secret’ in isolation.  Join a Facebook group or visit meetup.com and join some of their spiritual communities.  You can then begin discussing and sharing your knowledge and passion firstly with those who you know are on your ‘wavelength.’
  4. Do your science homework:  When you are ready to speak freely about your beliefs,  being able to confidently back up concepts up by science will help you eloquently talk about the mind, body and spirit connection with ease.  Do your research on experiments that have looked into the effectiveness of alternative therapies and how quantum physics explains spiritual principles.
  5. Read biographies of your favourite Spiritual Teachers; you’ll most likely find that their journey incorporated overcoming fear of being seen and heard publicly.
  6. Youtube it:  This is an optional but powerful step. Practice filming yourself talking about your beliefs and passions (your smartphone will do) and publish to Youtube as a private video so only you can view it.   When you’re feeling brave, you can change the settings to public and voila!
  7. Finally, pick someone you trust to open up to.  You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by their reaction.

Even if you can’t see it now, little by little, you’ll gain your own inner security around your beliefs and principles and the opinions of others will matter less and less.

Not everyone is going to agree, like or want to hear what you have to say plus the world would be very boring if we all shared exactly the same opinions.

What’s important is being true to your own essence.

When you begin living in alignment with who you truly are you’ll be able to experience life with heightened levels of joy and freedom.

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When you live from a place of authenticity and security, there truly are no limits to the positive change you can create in the world.

With love and light

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