The Gift of Gratitude from your own HEART…

“I think the heart is gratitude.  I think the heart is a feeling.  It is the Sanctuary for the deepest feelings that can be found within the human experience.  And I think among these feelings is the feeling of gratitude.  The feeling of being thankful, of being grateful, and of being so in love with life and with everything in life and even, dare I say it, in love with ourselves”

Neale Donald Walsch


Yesterday I attended a webinar about accessing Your Success Signature with the inspirational Rosemary Cunningham.  During the webinar, Rosemary reinforced my understanding that the heart is not just a (very vital) pump, but it also has it’s own intelligence and plays a much more complex role than traditional biology gives it credit for…

I’ll be writing another, more in depth article about the science behind the heart’s intelligence very soon…but in the meantime you might want to check out The Heart Math Instutite’s fascinating findings.

When we consciously connect with our heart and make decisions or take actions based on what we feel through our hearts, rather than out of reactions to anger, fear or obligations of what we think we should do the result is ALWAYS more beneficial for ourselves and others.

“A trust of life begins to be activated within us.  We realise we’re trusting the heart, we’re trusting our own soul, and it never leads us wrong.  The next step, we know it.  We feel it.  It’s right there.”  Michael Beckwith

When we take time to connect with our heart, the gifts to ourself and others is invaluable…

When we consciously connect with the wisdom within our hearts; we make better decisions, we experience more love, freedom, compassion, authenticity, alignment to our highest and wisest self and experience more fun, light-heartedness and joy.

A gift from your HEART…

Here is a HEART powered GRATITUDE Meditation filmed as a FACEBOOK LIVE which I intuitively created back in October last year (2016)….

So….give yourself a gift from your heart…sit back for 15 mins and enjoy feeling relaxed and empowered from the love, wisdom and gratitude of your own heart.

With love from



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