ARTiculate – the window to your Soul

Humans have been creating art for centuries, and in fact Spain’s El Castillo cave houses the oldest known cave paintings in Europe, which date back to at least 40,600 years.

And today art has evolved into one of the elitist industries in the world, with old master’s paintings selling for astronomical sums.  Some would say that in fact many aspects of the art world could be seen as pretentious, in that obscurity, ideology and an Artists’ fame can take precedence over the heart-felt creation and beauty or meaning held within the art itself.

But what if art holds an even deeper meaning?

What if art could convey the unconscious messages from our Soul?


Whilst being absorbed in the moment of creating art, many Artists, myself included, report feeling totally at one with the flow of life, as if time has stood still, and hours can pass which feels like minutes. This is because when we get into this flow state, we are in fact at one with our Soul, where it operates from a no-time space reality.

When we give ourselves the gift of stillness to connect-in and become one with our Soul, that’s when our creativity can flow, that’s when our creations have the most meaning, a sense of profound wisdom and beauty.

One of my favourite things to do in my business, SOUL PASSION  is to run my ARTiculate your Soul Plan workshops.

Soul Plan is the energetic compass of your Soul; a highly accurate and healing system which reveals the layers of your Life Purpose and helps you understand you and your life at a deep level.

Essentially, ARTiculate fuses the knowledge contained within our  Soul’s Plan and expresses it out visually, grounding our Soul’s intentions in a visual format, a Life-vision board from our Soul.

“Creative Bliss! Thoroughly enjoyed being in the flow and getting inspired in tune with my soul’s purpose. Hayley created a beautiful, nurturing and inspirational space for us to create our Soul Purpose paintings, it was a beautiful experience from start to finish, and I am so happy with what I have created despite having reservations about my ability to paint!! Thank you so much!”

My Soul Plan Painting, helping guide me towards authentic goals


My own Soul Plan painting, helps keep me motivated to continue to pursue my ambitions, as well as reminds me how my challenges have helped shape and guide me towards running a business that is authentically aligned.



The ARTiculate your Soul Plan Experience takes place at the beautiful haven that is The Upminster Sanctuary (situated in the Essex counryside within easy access to London).

ARTiculate is accessible to everyone regardless of perceived artistic ability, with fast-track tools and techniques which enable those that may not be confident in their artistry to create something that is beautiful, meaningful  and speaks to them from their Soul and will continue to guide them for the rest of their life.


ARTiculate is a luxury day retreat, with creativity, deep relaxation, meditation, scrumptious food and refreshments, fun connections and collaborations and of course the gift to connect to  and express your Soul’s Plan through art.


“What an amazing & beautiful experience !! If you have ever wondered why you have met certain challenges along life’s course – wonder no more … Hayley has an amazing gift of guiding you through your Soul Plan in a reading and supporting the group for the Articulate day !!! I was speechless at how powerful it was from the planning, before hand, the taking part in the day & the continuing affects afterwards. I have never painted in my life & loved every second of the day together with the spiritual meanings of what you are guided to paint. Everyone had a different story to tell. For me it was like putting the pieces of a jigsaw together with a sigh of relief in understanding there was a plan & I am on the right path… A truly inspirational course – more please !!!”


The next ARTiculate Your Soul Plan Experience is held on Saturday 1st September 2018.

Places are limited so click here to contact me or call 0207 129 7348 for further info and how to book.


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The Power of Forgiveness

My healing work and life in general has taught me that forgiveness is often a concept that is greatly misunderstood.

As with all things in life,  acts of wrong-doing can be viewed upon a continuum ranging from a friend’s broken promise to causing the death of another.

Many view forgiveness as condoning a wrong-doing or often liken it to letting someone ‘off the hook’ who may have been the catalyst of great pain or suffering.

Surely that person deserves to be resented, hated even to fit the ‘crime’ so to speak, that’s only right isn’t it?

Imagine that these resentments actually form the bars of a cage around you…

Constraining and trapping you from living your best life…

Stopping you from appreciating the true beauty that is within you and around you.

Forgiveness is a mark of your STRENGTH not your weakness

I invite you to look at forgiveness from a new, perspective.

Forgiveness, even if taken in baby steps, can start to dissipate the bars of the cage, gradually allowing more light and beauty from outside to flood in and allowing your own sense of freedom and inner beauty to shine out into the world…

Forgiveness is a POWERFUL gift… When you forgive, you are deciding how you want to feel rather than allowing the actions of another to have a negative hold upon you…

Forgiveness means that you are powerfully deciding self empowerment versus being a victim…

Forgiveness can become your tonic, your strength, your Allie…

…your healing gift to move on.

We can forgive even in the midst of the worst abuse, we can use forgiveness to end the cycle of abuse “abuse begets abuse”, to let go of the need to punish, to be right and, so importantly, the need to keep suffering because of the past”  Pearl Howie

My good friend Pearl Howie is a Travel and Wellbeing Writer and eloquently expresses her own experiences of forgiveness within her guide ‘Camino de la Luna – Forgiveness’

Camino De La Luna is Spanish for ‘Path of the Moon’.

As a special gift you can download the free ebook version (without pictures) by clicking here

Or if you’d like to purchase Pearl’s ebook in all it’s technicolour glory you can purchase it for just £6.27 by clicking here.

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