Soul Plan 

Would you like to understand yourself at a deeper level and discover your true life purpose so things start falling into place?
Do you need clarity and encouragement to help you take a new path and direction with confidence and ease?
Or are you looking for reassurance that your life does have meaning and you’re on the right path as your soul intended?
Start living your life on purpose and use your Soul Plan as your life guide.
It’s my desire and mission to empower you to find the answers you seek, to understand that you are destined for greatness and know wholeheartedly that you can find purpose, meaningful direction, joy and clarity in your life.

Together we’ll use your Soul Plan as our guide.

The process of having your Soul Plan revealed is illuminating, you learn a lot about yourself and come to understand why you do the things you do and you may even have some light-bulb, ah-ha moments!
Your Soul Plan could reveal a potential new career direction or help you understand and gain clarity on the powerful lessons behind the areas where you have experienced suffering or challenges in your life. 
Your Soul Plan is powerful, accurate and will guide you.
Your Soul Plan is the energetic compass of your soul and is calculated from the vibration of your birth name.  Each plan provides a unique and powerful accurate system of life purpose analysis and guidance which is derived from quantum physics and ancient Hebrew numerology.

Working together our session is tailor-made specifically to your needs and I intuitively tap into my own spiritual gifts to provide insights that enable shifts to happen more quickly and help you move forwards in life with more grace and ease. 

With a Soul Plan reading you:
  • Gain absolute clarity around your life purpose, your talents, challenges and goals
  • Make peace with the past and learn how your greatest challenges can become your source of greatest strength
  • Come to understand that everything in your life does have purpose and meaning
  • Gain a whole new level of life satisfaction, contentment and joy
  • If you’re feeling frustrated with your life or are looking for guidance and reassurance as to what your purpose and true calling is, book in for your Soul Plan reading.
What's included:
  • Your Soul Plan Reading (90 mins), prepared over several hours before your session
  • Your detailed Life Time Soul Plan Report which is lovingly and carefully written up and emailed to you as soon as possible after your session.  It will become your ‘Bible’ and source of reference to guide and comfort you throughout your whole life. It accurately explains all of the stages of your Soul's Plan and includes any of the channelled information received for you as well as any practical guidance or prescriptive/s where necessary
  • A high quality audio recording of your Soul Plan Session
  • ‘Grace Clearing’ healing at the end of the session.
"Hayley Felton's soul plans are 100% accurate - and I'm a real cynic. Absolutely spot on and oddly comforting that we are all one, connected and have a purpose - and a unique one at that. Her words have resonated with me and giving me food for thought - money WELL spent"  Louise 

"Hayley's soul plan experience has given me an enriching insight into myself and my path, past, present and future. The wording is crystal clear, the concept is extraordinary as it is accurate. So much of what Hayley has identified already resonates with me and I can think of many instances that match what is shining through my soul plan. Work, interests, relationships. There is so much to explore and the soul plan is a wonderful way to look forward to life's journey with heart, joy and excitement. Thank you Hayley, this is a keeper!" Adele

"I had the most healing and transformational Soul Plan Reading session with Hayley. She guided me through the Soul Plan explaining the stages with clarity and meaning, each step took me to a new understanding of myself and my past and a realisation of why certain things had happened as they did. Through this Soul Plan everything fell into place and I have found the real me! I now have true purpose to my life, which has given me the confidence to pursue a new and meaningful direction. Hayley is truly gifted! I would highly recommend a Soul Plan Reading session with Hayley. Thank you, thank you so very much Hayley!" Lesley

We’ll uncover and reveal the innermost desires of your Soul and get you aligned and reconnected to your life path so your life moves forwards again with greater purpose and joy. 

Soul Plan Readings are 90 minutes and available in Central London, Upminster or online via Skype/Zoom.

For further info and to book in your Soul Plan Reading get in touch here.

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