The ARTiculate workshop takes your Soul's magnificent plan to a deeper visual level. During our day together you’ll create a beautiful and healing piece of artwork to illustrate your soul’s plan and purpose.

ARTiculate is suitable for all levels of perceived creativity, whether you believe you don't have an artistic bone in your body through to the professional Artist!

Soul Plan is the energetic compass of your soul and is calculated from the vibration of your birth name.  Each plan provides a unique and powerful accurate system of life purpose analysis and guidance which is derived from quantum physics and ancient Hebrew numerology.

The process of having your Soul Plan revealed is deeply healing and illuminating, you'll learn alot about yourself and will come to understand why you do the things you do, you will likely have some light-bulb, ah-ha moments!

Soul Plan is a once in a lifetime and invaluable experience.
With a Soul Plan reading you:
  • Gain absolute clarity around your life purpose, your talents, challenges and goals
  • Understand exactly what makes your soul tick so you can bring more of those activities into your life that bring you the most joy and satisfaction
  • Make peace with the past and learn how your greatest challenges can become your source of greatest strength
  • Come to understand that everything in your life does have purpose and meaning
  • Gain a whole new level of life satisfaction, contentment and joy
  • You can find out more about Soul Plan Readings here 
What's included:

At a mutually convenient date before the Workshop you’ll receive:
  • Your Soul Plan Reading (90 mins), prepared over several hours before your session
  • Detailed Life Time Soul Plan Report which is lovingly and carefully written up and emailed to you as soon as possible after your session.  It will become your ‘Bible’ and source of reference to guide and comfort you throughout your whole life. It accurately explains all of the stages of your Soul's Plan and includes any of the channelled information received for you as well as any practical guidance or prescriptive/s where necessary
  • A high quality audio recording of your Soul Plan Session
  • ‘Grace Clearing’ healing at the end of the session.
The ARTiculate workshop - 09:30-18:30 includes
  • Use of professional art materials
  • Tuition and guidance
  • Lunch, refreshments and snacks throughout the whole day
  • Your original Soul Plan Painting to take home with you. 
How to book:
To go ahead and book in your Soul Plan Reading and your place on the ARTiculate workshop get in touch for investment cost, availability and workshop dates. 

ARTiculate takes place at The Upminster Sanctuary. 

 Prior to the ARTiculate workshop, at a mutually convenient date, your Soul Plan reading will take place at your preferred location; either at Terapia Consultancy in Central London, at The Upminster Sanctuary ot via Video Skype/Zoom.

ARTiculate Testimonials:
What an amazing & beautiful experience !! If you have ever wondered why you have met certain challenges along life's course - wonder no more ... Hayley has an amazing gift of guiding you through your Soul Plan in a reading and supporting the group for the Articulate day !!! I was speechless at how powerful it was from the planning, before hand, the taking part in the day & the continuing affects afterwards. I have never painted in my life & loved every second of the day together with the spiritual meanings of what you are guided to paint. Everyone had a different story to tell. For me it was like putting the pieces of a jigsaw together with a sigh of relief in understanding there was a plan & I am on the right path... A truly inspirational course - more please !!!” Theresa

"Hayley hosted a ARTiculate workshop following a Soul Plan reading I had with her recently. The day was fun from start to finish and we all made a beautiful piece of art to take home. I would highly recommend Hayley and the ARTiculate project as a means of finding your true path and awakening the artist in you". Angela 

"Even before I met Hayley, I felt very comfortable talking to her on the phone. The Soul Plan Reading was inspiring, enlightening, confirming, motivating and much more. Hayley was delightful, professional, friendly, compassionate and was so accurate about my personality (not the obvious but the real persona), my past....the now, the future......amazing and what I needed to hear to confirm I was on the right path and gave me additional ideas to use my talents that she revealed. I now have more faith in myself and with the report that followed the reading, it will now be my 'bible' to remind me what I should be doing!/aiming for. It is a very detailed report (Hayley now knows I like detail!) and you can see she has put a lot of time, effort, thought into it and tuning in information. It really is terrific and I could see where the costs went i.e. the reading, the report and then then the full day Articulate workshop where I produced a piece of art inspired by the reading and a reminder of my talent and challenges. It was lots of fun, with 4 others and we couldn't have been looked after better, we were fed and watered all day and ended the day with some bubbly which was just right. Everything was tip top and she was hands on helping us to get the best out of the day. Hayley is meant to be doing this and I am so very glad that I was part of her mission. Hayley is very caring and you can be yourself and confide in her, trust her and know that you are in good hands. Thank you!"  Tracey

"What an amazing day! Thank you Hayley it was brilliant from start to finish! The soul plan reading was incredibly descriptive and totally related to me. The art day truly enhanced the experience by meeting wonderful people, an amazing lunch and taking home your own creation which ties in with the soul plan! I would recommend this to anyone Thank you" Nicola

“Had a fabulous day, thoroughly enjoyed it. The Soul Plan was very insightful and loved painting it to canvas. I found the painting to be so therapeutic and Hayley and her mum were on hand to help and advise. Would love to do the day over again and can't recommend it enough”. Lizzie

“Wow, what can I say about Hayley and her superb & wonderful Soul Plan Reading and ARTiculate!!! Hayley is a very gifted individual who makes you feel incredibly welcome. Every meeting is made to feel extremely personal and her readings are spot on. When Hayley read my Soul Plan it brought me to tears - so much of what she said rang true. It was like someone had read my deepest innermost thoughts and feelings and finally created a sense of clarity for me in my journey of life. I was so excited about creating my own painting that explained my souls destiny, using my creative imagination and Soul Plan for guidance.
The paintings success took me by surprise and working within a group of people I was amazed at how individual and unique each person’s art work was. I am so proud of what I achieved with Hayley. Hayley provided a lovely environment to create our work; books containing artistic ideas, stamps to recreate our symbols easily, on-hand artistic support amongst many other things such a refreshments, beautiful music and incense. The whole day felt like pure luxury and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. My Soul Plan painting has pride of place in my yoga studio - acting as guidance and a reminder of my souls destiny, as well as beautiful decoration. Thank you Hayley for such a wonderful and life changing experience. I can't wait to do more with you!” Rachel
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