Align to Love

Are you fed up of being single? Do you always seem to attract the “wrong” type of men?
Would you love to have a committed, loving relationship but wonder if it’s possible to attract the right person into your life?
Well I know too well just how this feels. As I've been there, done that and bought the t-shirt!
In what now feels like a previous life, I was a 'Dating Expert';  I won a reality series called 'Around the World in 80 Dates' for Wedding TV and I even worked as a match-maker for a high-end dating agency.

BUT I wasn't looking at the inner-picture, I was looking “out there”. Doing everything you're told you're meant to do to meet the ‚Äčlove of your life, but long-term love wasn't happening for me.

The reality was that I had many fears, limiting beliefs and barriers around love. Being frank I may as well have had a sign on my forehead saying “F@ck off!” to any potential suitor.  

But things changed as I changed my perspective and started doing inner work on myself. And with a combination of tools and techniques I’ve learnt with my career as a Therapist and Healer, as well as my own self-development and work with other Relationship Experts and Healers,  I knew exactly what I needed to do to attract the love of my life towards me and into my life.
I found my Soul Mate. And I am delighted to say we’re very much together and very happy.

So if you’re ready to give up on love, let me help you turn things around and get aligned to love.
Align to Love Programme 
The Align to Love Programme is a transformational healing three month programme to help you prepare for love, get into alignment with your true desires and allow you to be fully open to meeting your soul mate.

So if you’re fed up of people asking you why you are still single, have had enough of online dating and all the apps, feel the men or women you meet definitely don’t live up to your expectations and are about to give up on love because there must be something wrong with you.  Read on as the Align to Love Programme may be the perfect remedy for you.

We’ll start off with your in-depth Soul Plan Reading, where you’ll learn about yourself at soul level. As the more you understand, value, appreciate and love yourself, the easier it is to attract your ideal partner and soul mate into your life.
Using your Soul Plan as our guide, we'll focus on what makes you tick in relationships at soul-level so you gain clarity on the type of qualities your ideal partner has and begin attracting them towards you.

And we’ll uncover and work on any barriers, blocks and limiting beliefs so you can be free of negative thought patterns and behaviours that are holding you back.

Included within this programme are powerful Atlantean Healing sessions to help balance your mind, body and spirit, to help you feel balanced and beautifully relaxed.

By working together I’ll guide you to:
  • Learn how to really start liking and even loving yourself
  • Release all blocks, fears and recurrent negative thought patterns that are holding you back from attracting love into your life
  • Find clarity about who your ideal soul mate is and why
  • Begin to feel more at ease in yourself and trust the ideal person is out there ready and waiting for you
  • Be fully prepared and open to meeting and recognising your soul mate
  • Cultivate a positive healthy mindset and deep self care towards yourself
  • Become totally aligned to your true desires and of course to your love 

The Align to Love Programme includes your Soul Plan Reading and follow up sessions and takes place in Central London, Upminster or online via Skype.

To find out more get in touch for your complimentary discovery call and I’ll share all the details of the Align to Love Programme with you.
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